Short Kurta

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Short Kurta for Men - A new Size of Comfort

Because Good Things Come in Small Sizes

Short Kurtas are perfect example of how a small change can completely alter the whole look and appeal of something. While men kurtas are not new to Indian clothing, they are traditionally longer and worn with pajamas. Loose fitted and comfortable, kurtas are the most preferred men's clothing for all kinds of occasions such as weddings, parties and religious gatherings. Short kurta's for men are much more versatile as they can be easily worn causally over a pair of jeans.


Versatility and Style

Like kurtis for women, short kurtas are also an example of how east meets west in the most stylish and effective manner. By bringing down the length of kurta to match that of shirts, designers have created a whole new breed of Indian clothes. The difference is in the cuts and fitting. However, it is the length and fit together that make short kurtas deliver comfort and convenience no matter how hot the weather is.


A Plethora of Designs

While kurtas are exclusive part of mens clothing from India, some variations of this style are also worn in other Asian countries including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Nepal. This means you have a large variety of designs, prints and colors to choose from. Some of the most popular styles include block printed short kurtas from the Rajasthan region and the chikan embroidered kurtas from Lucknow. 

For fashion aficionados who wish to carry a style of their own, there is a large room for experimentation. You can mix and match different styles with various types of jeans and pants. 

What Sets Our Indian Clothing Apart

Maple Clothing proudly claims to be the best online destination for Indian clothing for women and for men. We don't just brag about it! Other than the widest variety of Indian clothes we offer, we deliver value that is so far unbeatable.

 The following are some of the distinguishing factors of our service.

 Variety – Men are often overlooked in the fashion world but Maple Clothing caters to men with as much concern as we serve our female customers. This fact is eminent in our large collection of short kurtas and our commitment to bring the best and latest styles.

 Quality – Quality is something that we never overlook. Our focus is not just limited to the quality of fabric; we ensure that quality remains the major accessory of our products throughout the process. It reflects in each and every stitch in our Indian clothing.

 Price – Beautiful, exotic versatile these kurtas might be, we won’t ask an unfairly high price from you. In fact, we claim that our prices are the most reasonable as compared to other competitor

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