Organic Clothing


Organic Cotton Clothing

While offering a very current and fashionable line-up of Indian clothes, Maple Clothing has never overlooked quality and comfort. That is why they bring a huge line of authentic and certified organic cotton clothing. Our organic cotton selection includes bedding and bath accessories from India. Our product range includes baby clothing, baby bedding, men's clothing, women's clothing, bath and hand towels, adult bedding and more.

Organic Cotton – Why Is It different?
As the name implies, organic cotton is closer to nature and free from synthetic products. This means fewer toxins and chemicals are involved in its creation and it leaves a smaller carbon footprint on the environment. Besides being manufactured with eco-friendly means, it is also grown in a manner that does not involve fertilizers and pesticides at all.

However, many manufacturers falsely claim their products to be organic. In order to save you from such frauds, Maple Clothing relies only on manufacturers whose organic cotton clothing are verified and certified by third party organizations.

Why Choose Organic Cotton Clothes?
In order to answer this question, let us first describe the major reasons why you shouldn't choose inorganic cotton. First of all, conventionally grown cotton is one of the most pesticide-laden crops of the world. Around 25 percent of all the pesticides and fertilizers are used for cotton crop. The crop is so heavily sprayed that the chemicals and toxins penetrate deeply into the fibers. The residue of these strong chemicals remains in the fiber even after heavy processing as it also involves chemical usage.

Due to these residues, inorganic cotton products are known to cause allergies and some skin diseases. Organic cotton clothing, however, are free of such adverse effects.

Organic Cotton Baby Clothes
A baby's skin is one of the most delicate things in this world. It can be easily and severely affected by bacteria, germs and other harmful substance. This is the reason baby clothes are preferred in organic clothes that prevent exposure to such substances.

At Maple Clothing, we have a selection of the most adorable and safest organic baby clothes. You can order organic cotton pajamas, shorts and whole suits at reasonable rates.

Organic Cotton Clothes for Women
Women's skin can also be as sensitive as the baby skin. Therefore, a large majority of women are now choosing organic cotton clothes. Our gallery includes Indian clothes made from the highest quality organic cotton. We offer a wide selection that is not only safe but also stylish. You can wear these Indian clothes on casual occasions as well as on semi formal events.

While organic cotton is highly sought-after form of fabric, we ensure that it is available in the best rates and variety. Order now and start treating your skin and body positively.