Home Decor from India

Give Your Home a Touch of Tradition

Traditional Indian home decor is becoming very common in the East as well as in the West. This is because people are now more open towards other cultures. They are not only appreciating the beauty in exotic and ethnic architecture and decor; they are actually embracing it with open arms. Since, Indian subcontinent has a long history of a rich and unique culture, Indian home décor has made its way well into western homes.

Indian home decor is also much appreciated by Indians who live away from their homeland yet wish to remain closer to their roots by incorporating a touch of tradition in their otherwise modernized lifestyle. Realizing this rising demand for India decor, Maple Clothing decided to bring some elements of Indian culture under one easily and globally accessible place.

Created, the Indian Way

Indian handicrafts are world renowned for their unique beauty and splendor. India is a diverse country and each region has its own unique culture. Handicrafts from Rajasthan and Gujrat are specifically known for their colors, brightness and finishing that speaks volumes about all the hard work these artisans put in the making.

Some of the most popular Indian Decor Items include:
Block printed Indian beddings
Embroidered Indian pillow covers
Decorative lampshades
Colorful Indian wall hangings
Banarsi Duvet Covers
Traditional tapestries, etc.


Sculptures and Wall Hangings

At Maple Clothing our selection of Indian decor goes well beyond beddings and pillow covers. We offer simple and small yet extremely beautiful decorative items that can help you create a prefect amalgam comprising of traditional and modern touches inside your home.

Such decorative items include stone sculptures that represent beautiful gods and goddesses from Hindu mythology. Use these sculptures to showcase your love for culture and religion, or buy one of them as a wonderful and auspicious gift for an Indian friend.

The same goes for our wall hangings. However, you will be surprised to see the amazing variety of wall hangings that include hand embroidered patchwork zari tapestries to toran entrance hangings made from high quality velvet.

Jewelry Boxes to Treasure

The artisans of Sharanpur, India are known for their delicate and beautiful jewelry boxes carved out of sesam wood. With beautiful velvet lining, these boxes are as beautiful as the jewelry you would be keeping inside them. Similarly, the Kashmir region is known for delicate paper mache jewelry boxes intricately painted by hands.

Yet, these original jewelry boxes have become rare and people often sell lower quality fake products for high prices. Fortunately for you, however, Maple Clothing has strong connections with a number of masters of this craft. That is how we bring the highest quality original jewelry boxes in the least possible price.

These delicate and beautiful elements for Indian home décor make for perfect gifts for occasions such as Christmas and weddings.

Maple Clothing Brings the Best

As we mentioned above, Indian decor items are precious and high in demand. That is why it is not unlikely to find numerous counterfeit products in the market. With Maple Clothing, you can now buy these India Decor items with complete peace of mind. We guarantee the original product and the lowest price. Check out our gallery and enjoy a marvelous selection of Indian home décor.