How funny it would be if one day you were to wake up realizing that the entire fashion trend had suddenly ended? In fact, it is highly possible now if you come to think about it. Indian fashion especially has been changing quite rapidly this entire year. There are days when you open your wardrobe and just stare at it for hours thinking all these clothes are boring. Here is how you can turn boring into fun while being elegant yet stylish at the same time.

Being elegant yet stylish can be a little hard for everyone. Sometimes we don’t have the right old boring clothes we need to pull off a new look, but what almost every girl, young adult, or adult does have in their wardrobe is a saree.

Nowadays, heavily embroidered sarees are not in anymore. Those with simple and light work have been making their way back in, but there is a way in which you can use your old simple sarees in a new way. Halter tops are unique and stylish whereas a saree is elegant. Wear them together, BOOM! You get the perfect combo of elegant yet stylish.

Gowns are beautiful, perfect in length, perfect in fit, elegant in every way. Gowns have also been making their way back this year. As a matter of fact, you see them almost everywhere. You must be thinking aren’t gowns a bit old? Not to worry. You can add the designer touch your gowns are missing.

Gowns are already elegant; you just have to add style to them to give you the combo of elegant yet stylish. Step one, find a gown. While doing this keep in mind the color, the print, compare your gowns and find the one which you like the best. Step two, modify the gown. You can add frills to one side of the gown to give it a new, or you can get net sleeves attached to them as well to give them something new. Another trick you can pull off to look elegant yet stylish is to add a small lace belt at the side of your waist, with a flower or ribbon to give all your Indian gowns a new touch, a touch of your own.

Anarkali frocks never get old; they are very elegant yet stylish as well and with many styles now out you will not be short on choices. You can get laces added, wear them on different colored churidaar pyjamas and just be creative. How about mixing some of the color combos with your other Anarkali suits? Anarkali suits also come in different types. They come as suits, frocks, they are short yet some are long but one thing is for certain, the best way to look elegant and stylish via this suit.