The year 2014 seems to be the year for all the old fashion trends to make their comeback once again.


What’s Hot?

Here are the hottest trends in the Indian fashion industry:

1. Colors & Prints
Guess what? Neon colors are back in action, not to mention the Radiant Orchid was announced as the color for 2014. Along with this re-entry these colors brought along more friends, such as baby blue, pale lavender, subtle yellow and dazzling blue too. These colors brought back old prints as well including animal prints, radical prints, and delicate laces.

2. Good Bye Jeans
Guess what is replacing your jeans this year? Wide-legged trousers! Yes they are back, time to pack those jeans up for now. Palazzo pants are back in action, these are not just comfortable, they go along with almost everything you have to wear in your wardrobe, and you can now wear the clothes you have been waiting for. Oh and they also give you a nice tall and lean look as well. The Kalidaar varieties are preferred or you can go for designer wear as well.

3. Crop Tops
Crop tops are sneaking their way back in to the fashion industry once again. You must have seen actresses pull that look off, the exposed mid-riff adds its own charm. Available in various lengths you can top off your look with small additions such as jackets, and boxy tops.

4. Heads Up! Sarees are in the House!
Sarees come under the fashion category which will never cease. New ideas and innovations keep it as the must wear item that will never go out of fashion regardless of season. Nowadays the sarees which are in are not as cumbersome as embroidered sarees, and the ones which are in are pre-stitched drapes style, and pallu style. No matter how heavy they may be, no one will be able to take their eyes off you. Feel like adding a twist? Why not ditch the old and boring blouse and replace it with a crop top? How’s that for a new trend?

5. Good-Bye Minis and Hello Knee Lengths
Mini shorts and skirts have been once again replaced with knee length skirts. Pencil skirts are stealing the show and so are ankle length Indian skirts as well! It is time to get back in the comfort zone for some of you!

What’s Not!

Now that you know what are the hot and happening top 5 latest trends in Indian fashion wear it is time to focus on what’s not so sizzling anymore:

1. Torn Jeans
No, they weren’t being chased by a dog; torn jeans started to become a common trend amongst youngsters, but trust me it was long ago! Ending in disaster, this trend is best if it stays in the past, for good.

2. Short Anarkalis & Frumpy Patialas
The combination of short neon Anakalis look good unless they are worn knee-length with frumpy Patialas. This terrible combo comes at number 2 in fashion don’ts.

3. Poncho-Styled Kurtis
Although these kurtis are popular amongst young girls and young adults in general, the combination of jeans and the poncho styled kurtis are a bit old now. That is why these kurtis stole spot number 3.