he best part about getting married or having a relative or friend getting married is going shopping. Sometimes it can be a headache as well as everyone wants to look their best, especially the bride and groom. Both as well as their relatives want to rock the Indian wedding with the best ensemble possible.


Weddings for Them

The relatives of the bride and groom are really easy to spot as they are dressed according to themes set by the bride and groom. The dress code for the relatives is also decided by the bride and groom so you can say that since it is their day, they have a say in what you wear.

Normally, the groom’s friends are seen in a sherwani as well as the male cousins. The female cousins are wear the same colors according to a theme but prefer a saree or lehanga choli. Sometimes they wear gowns and anarkali suits as well. The friends and cousins of the bride typically wear sarees and the men wear sherwanis that are similar in color to the bride or groom.

The parents of the bride and groom wear suits and sarees but some prefer a sherwani dhoti or just regular sherwani with a pyjama.


The Bride to be

The brides wear traditional sarees usually. Some brides wear gown type dresses, and lenga choli. These outfits are based on the specific theme chosen for the wedding and accompany the sherwani worn by the grooms. The brides are given an option of either wearing heavily embroidered sarees or the latest lehangas which are also very heavily sequenced but are very traditional.

Red is the most common color for Indian dresses in weddings, but nowadays you can see brides wearing colors like maroon, orange, pink, yellow, aqua as well.


The Groom to be

The traditional Indian wear for the groom is an embroidered sherwani. The groom has the option of carrying the sherwani on a dhoti or a pyjama. Many grooms wear a sehra, basically a turban type of hat on their heads which has a broach in the middle. Nowadays grooms can be seen wearing simple suits that give them a classy look, or a simple kurta accompanied by a Nehru jacket.

The groom’s outfits are usually dark in color, like blood red, royal blue, black, maroon, or dark shade of violet, but some even wear shocking colors like blue to accompany their bride’s dress. Grooms look best in dark colors, with a traditional sehra on their head. They can go for either the sherwani with the dhoti or pyjama, or whichever is comfortable.
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