Royal blue also known as Cobalt blue has started to replace the bold and dynamic black. Royal blue is a fun to play with color which is also bold and dynamic as black but is more fun, energetic, sexy, and can easily be combined with almost any color when it come to mixing and matching to create the perfect outfit.

About Royal Blue
Blue is one color which is universally liked. From the lovely baby blue sky till the depths of the deep blue sea, this color inspires creativity. Blue can be used to ‘cool’ down a hot room or a sunny room. The color brings out many positive vibes, making the person wearing it feel fresh; this includes shades of blue including Royal blue as well.

Many young girls can be seen wearing Indian kurtis nowadays, but what you haven’t noticed is that many of the girls prefer wearing royal blue over black. Royal blue allows the girls to be imaginative and creative. Since the color goes well with several others, it allows them to accessorize as they see fit. Kaftan kurtis can also be seen with beautiful combinations as well as thread work that adds charm to them. The thread work can be done in white or in any color as it stands out with Royal blue.

Girls love to wear Indian tunics; they are comfortable, classy, and can be easily worn on jeans or palazzo as well. Tunics come in all colors and can easily go with almost any bottom and accessories as well, but if you take a closer look towards their colors, they are vibrant and bright enough to make them stand out.

Indo western clothes are popular amongst young teenage girls and young adults who love to carry bold western looks with the elegance of the east. Indo western clothes come in a variety of colors and prints that can give birth to a number of different styles. But, mostly young adults and teenagers yet again choose Royal black as their favorite color as they tend to feel more comfortable in it. The color is cool, and soothing for going out in the evening with families and friends and want to know the best part? Food stains do not stand out against this color.

Everyone knows the love women have for sarees. They may be light or heavy as long; everyone loves their own particular style. Sarees come in many different colors, contrasts, and designs too; some are sequenced with beads whereas others are embroidered with thread to give different looks. Women prefer sarees that are dark in color, which are not too dull but also vibrant, and the best color to describe this is Royal blue. Black has been after number 1 for years now, but Royal blue has become a favorite with women as well.