Being noticed and standing out can be a little difficult as Indian clothing fashion pretty much repeats itself just with different color combos and prints. It can be difficult for men and women who prefer this clothing to stand out from the crowd, but there are tricks which you can pull off in order to do just that.

Standing out for Her
Girls face a harder time trying to pop out of the regular crowd than guys. Girls on the other hand can play with a lot from their wardrobe.

Step one, get rid of clothes which are useless and have been lying around untouched for years; do not throw them out, just keep them to the sides for now. Step two, keep aside the clothes you like and want to wear once again. Step three, create a couple of new and old clothes. Go through the old junk and find which one goes perfectly with the new. Once you have found the matches think about how you can crop the old within the new.

There is just so much to play with: replace saree blouses with crop tops, add frills and laces to your old gowns, replace the sleeves with net sleeves, add a big beautiful colorful broach if you like, add a belt along the waist to turn things around, or add colors and buttons to your old and simple kurtis. The sky is the limit. Tunics are also cute and back in style for those girls who want to look their best. Kurtis are now available to you in vibrant colors, and provide you with so many prints to take your pick from. Add some scarves to take it up a notch as well; this is the best part about Indian clothes after all.

Standing out for Him
Guys have more difficulty standing out than girls. That’s because they don’t have a lot of variety to play with. Unlike girls, guys are simpler, but they still want to look dynamic and stand out from the crowd as well. Here’ show that is possible:

Step one, know your colors. Guys should first check the colors with their skin tones; fair lads look better with darker and bright colors whereas our dark lads look amazing in light and cooler colors. Step two, since you don’t have much or anything to throw out of your wardrobe get rid of any tacky clothes, especially the floral printed ones and the ones that are similar to it. Step three, stick to the traditional sherwani with the dhoti or pyjamas, phatani suits, and kurtas; these never get old.

You may be thinking how will I stand out then right? Simple, pick the suits which suit your tone, do not go for the entirely simple kurtas. Pick the ones that have a bit of embroidery work done in thread. Work on the color, one sided work, and work done along the buttons are noticed. Replace the simple common buttons with stylish buttons; do not pick the glittery tacky ones, and don’t pick the ones which have simple designs on them.

Last but not the least, send a selfiee to you female friends for feedback, or ask your wife. If your female friends say you look amazing you nailed it, and if your wife asks you why you are looking like a bridegroom you might want to change it.