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Accessories are really fun to play with; you can make your own signature mark with them or start a new fashion trend of your own. Let us take a look for the top accessories you can add to any outfit you wear.

If your dress is a simple Indian outfit it is good if you keep your clutch simple too. Clutches come in tons of colors, designs, and can look very beautiful along with the perfect outfit, but not all outfits can carry such clutches. Simple outfits require simple clutches. They can be of bright neon colors to stand out, and can be very simple by having a simple print on them, or a small chain going from one side to the other. Clutches can be carried with Indian Clothing i.e.gowns, sarees, Anarkal suits, and simple salwar kameez as well. Adding accessories to sarees couldn’t be any easier as you get whole wide varieties to chose from, including earrings like Jumkas (earring) or other styles or earrings, necklaces, Bindiya ( forehead decoration piece), Payal (anklets).

Sling Bags
Girls and young adults can be seen carrying stylish sling bags on their backs along with kurtis. Sling bags are easy to carry, they can be worn on one shoulder or around the neck, they are for men and women both and they come in the most beautiful varieties. The very fashionable sling bags come in many colors and vary in material as well. Girls who carry indo-western looks or wear jeans and kurtis can carry these beautiful bags in combination of the color complimenting them. Girls who prefer simple suits and plain kurtas and also carry sling bags as well, will find cloth material sling bags go well with their outfits and find their matching designs too.

Boys and young adults can also carry sling bags around their necks and shoulders. These bags are very convenient and some boys who wear salwar kameez, pathani suits, and kurtas on jeans can carry the look too as sling bags suit all looks.

Anklets and Bracelets
Anklets and bracelets compliment any Indian outfit as long as they match them. Anklets also known as payal and bracelets can often be seen with outfits like sarees, Anarkali suits, indo-western looks, gowns, kurtis. Some boys and men also wear bracelets which are mostly of leather or steel chains. Some are made from cloth even and boys can wear these on kurtas with jeans, or salwar kurta suit.

Jewelry Sets
Nowadays you can see Indian brides wearing the heritage styled jewelry. Heritage styled jewelry is traditional jewelry which is quite fashionable. They are beautiful, elegant, and simply fascinating works of art. Young girls and young adults who wear indo-western clothes, kurtis or simple Indian salwar kameez wear simple necklaces which are mostly chains with pendants or beaded chains, and wear simple earrings and rings as well.

Bridal earrings are different. They along with rings, compliment traditional necklaces and make a spectacular combo when it comes to bridal accessories.