Pants & Leggings

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Length: 40 inches, Waist: One Size (26- 40 inches), Drawstring closure Viscose Lycra Fabric, Made in India Popular Bollywood India Fashion, suitable for casual and informal comfortable wear Wash separately, machine washed delicate cycle or hand washed, drip dry Beautiful Indian baggy pants pleated for women with drawstring in waist...
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Pants and Leggings: Style Meets Diversity

Indian culture is not only diverse, it is highly flexible and adaptive as well. This is a fact that reflects gracefully in the modern Indian clothing. Indian clothing for women presents a beautiful amalgam of eastern culture and western flare. Our Indian leggings, Indian harem pants and Indian patiala pants are some of the best examples of such stylistic fusion.

Indian Leggings - More than Jeggings
Didn't the world go gaga over those stylish jeggings donned by numerous Hollywood Celebs? Well, we just added a bit of Bollywood in there. Indian Leggings are designed to imitate one of the most popular pieces of Indian clothing - the Churidar.

Churidar is a very traditional yet fashionable element of Indian clothing for women and men. Traditionally, it was worn with long shirts and frocks. It is not only stylish but also elegant. However, made from un-stretchable cloth such as silk or cotton, the traditional Churidar was never very comfortable. Indian leggings conveniently solved this issue while maintaining the elegance and beauty.

Indian Leggings are made of high quality Lycra. This super-soft, lightweight and stretchable fabric is extremely comfortable to wear and carry. The slim body fit adds a fine stroke of modernity and makes these leggings an equally stylish match for Indian Kurtis as well as tunic tops and kaftans.

Indian Harem Pants – The Exotic Chic Style
Indian Harem Pants come in great variety both in terms of style and design. However, each one of them carries the exotic appeal of a belly-dancing beauty from some Maharajah's court. The beauty of harem pants is not just preserved in 18th century miniature paintings from India; it has actually been revived by numerous Bollywood beauties of our times. That is why it has become an important part of modern day India clothing for women.

Due to the style and diversity added by modern designers, harem pants have been incorporated in western culture as well. While you can choose to wear them with traditional Indian kurtis, they look equally classy with tunics and t-shirts.

Indian Patiala Pants – Pretty and Pleasurable
Patiala Pants come straight from one of the richest cultures in the South East Asian Region – Punjab. However, due to their beauty and comfort, they have become extremely popular in other regions as well. Like harem pants, patialas are also loose and baggy. One major distinguishing factor is the beautiful set of pleats that give a wonderful draping effect.

Patiala Pants are popular as both formal and informal Indian clothing for women. The best thing is that they can be beautifully paired with a diverse range of tops such as Indian kurtis, tunic tops, kaftans, etc. you can further glamorize the look by donning stylish Indian scarves from our collection.

We use the only the finest quality material and ensure that each and every Indian cloth in our collection is stitched to perfection. To add further value for our customers, we have kept our rates incredibly low and highly competitive.