Men's Shawls and Scarves

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100% Soft Wool Size:105 inches x 54 inches plus fringes All purpose women & men clothing accessory, great gift item for all occassions. Can be used as twin size bed cover Created by handloom weavers of Kashmir, North India, Dry Clean Only Pure wool large prayer shawls (also called Lohi...
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Shawls and Scarves for Men

One Item for Many Purposes

Indian shawls and scarves for men are as common and popular as shawls and scarves for women in India.  Scarves or shawls protect you against the harsh effects of the weather, regardless of whether it’s summer or winter. Traditionally, men in the mountainous regions of India wear large shawls that cover most parts of their body. These shawls are made of warm fabrics such as wool, cotton and Pashmina etc.

On the other hand, smaller scarves and wraps, usually made from lighter fabrics, are used in the warmer regions of India. Men use cotton scarves to cover their heads and avoid harsh and harmful sunlight during summer.

 These items are such a major part of men's clothing from India that they are constantly used and revamped by fashion designers. Modern and more stylish varieties of Indian scarves and shawls are donned by Bollywood celebrities and fashion models in India. 

Different Fabrics for Different Tastes

Men are naturally less finicky when it comes to the choice of fabric or style. However, in the case of shawls and scarves, this choice has always defined the particular taste, liking and preference of the person. Traditionally, it has also been an indicator of social standing. For instance, high-end luxury fabrics such as superior quality silk and pashmina has been used by the rich and upper class.

 Cotton or wool scarves were mostly used by men who used to travel a lot or work in tiring conditions. In any case, shawls and scarves, regardless of the fabric, have remained an important element of Indian clothing for men.

 Loi – The Divine Choice

There are silk scarves, cotton shawls and then there is Loi. Loi is a very special kind of prayer shawl which has been popular in India for ages. It is large enough to conveniently cover the whole body during meditation and prayers. Due to its special fabric crafted out of soft pure wool from Kashmir, it is extremely lightweight and comfortable even when worn for long periods of time.

 People still prefer prayer shawls in traditional solid colors and that is how we offer them at Maple Clothing. For other shawls and scarves, however, we have a variety that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. 

Indian Scarves for Men at Maple Clothing

Maple Clothing presents a huge variety of shawls and scarves exclusively for men. From paisley jacquard shawls to checkered scarves, we have something to suit every taste. For more fashionable young men, we have some of the most unique and colorful patterns that look extremely stylish without compromising your masculine appeal.

 Yet, what truly sets us apart from the rest is the unmatchable quality, convenience, and the cost of our products. Super fine quality men clothing from India is just a click away from your reach now. So, browse through our Indian shawls and scarves gallery and enjoy one of the best online shopping experiences with Maple Clothing.