Kurta Pajama

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Mens Kurta Pajama – From Casual Comfort to Formal Fashion

There aren't many dresses designed to equally fit your casual and formal requirements. Yet, when it comes to Indian clothing for men, there is always kurta pajama. Kurta pajama is a part of traditional Indian clothing. However, it is equally common in other South Asian countries including Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal and Pakistan.

 The attire is preferred in these regions due to the comfort it offers in every season. Typically, the types and colors of fabric used for kurta pajamas were limited to light shades of white, off-white, brown and gray, etc. Today, however, Indian clothing and fashion has changed a lot. Men, also prefer experimenting with color and styles. That is exactly what our lineup of kurta pajamas offer.

 Kurta – A Variety of Colors and Styles

Kurta pajama is a complete two piece attire for men. The kurta is a loose shirt that traditionally falls somewhere above the knee. However, people may prefer shorter ones that are much in vogue these days. Cotton is the most preferable fabric for men's kurtas, yet formal kurtas are often made from high end fabric such as silk as well.

 Major elements of style in Indian kurtas are sleeves and neckline. Traditional kurtas have long straight sleeves and no collar. Designers, however, have now infused western styled collars, cuts and sleeves to give the kurta a more fashionable style.

 At Maple Clothing, we present a collection of men’s kurtas in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. Browse through our category to find one according to your taste. 

Pajama- A Tradition of Comfort

The best thing about our kurta collection is that you can wear them stylistically and conveniently over jeans, salwars, churidar or loose-fitting pajamas. The latter, of course, is the traditional match for kurtas. People prefer it over tight-fitted churidar or jeans due to the comfort it offers.

Like most clothes from India, Indian Pajamas worn with kurtas are usually made of lightweight cotton fabric. These simple and comfortable pajamas perfectly compliment all kinds of kurtas regardless of the color and style.


Maple Clothing Men's Kurta Collection - Designers' Dream

Indian clothing for men has come a long way. Our collection is based on both traditional kurta pajamas as well as new styles that are popular among the young population.

 When we say new styles, we are not just referring to the variety of colors but also to the diversity of design and prints. Whether it’s your Indian friend's wedding or vacation trip to India, we can ensure that your are perfectly dressed in the best kurta pajama.

 And that is not all! While we ensure the latest design and finest quality in Indian clothing, we also guarantee the most competitive rates you can find online. Browse through our gallery and order now.