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Indian Shoes (Jutti / Mojari)

The jutti or mojari is a type of Indian shoes common in North India. They are traditionally made up of leather and with extensive embroidery, in real gold and silver thread in olden days, though now with changing times different juti with rubber soles are made available. Closely related to mojaris, introduced during the Mughal era, juttis have evolved into several localized design variations, even depending upon the shoemaker. However by large, they have no left are right distinction, and over time take the shape of the foot. They usually have flat sole, and are similar in design for both women and men, except for men they have a sharp extended tip, curved upwards like traditional mustaches, and are also called khussa, and some women juttis have no back part, near the ankle. Even with changing times juttis have remained part of ceremonial attire, especially at weddings, the unembellished juttis are used for everyday use for both men and women in most of Punjab & Rajasthan.


People prefer wearing them on traditional occasions like weddings. Along with traditional dresses like sherwani or kurta pajama, juttis form the quintessential accessory. The following sites aim at tracing the evolution of juttis and their uses in comparison with other modern footwear, various kinds of juttis and the art of making embroidered and beaded juttis.