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Pillow Covers from India

Indian Pillow Covers for Your Home

India is known to be a country with a rich and colorful culture. This richness is quite eminent in Indian clothing as well as home decoration elements such as Indian wall hangings, Indian beddings and Indian pillow covers. A really interesting fact about India is its cultural diversity. Each region has its own traditions, customs and culture; each one equally rich and amazing. This diversity is what reflects in the large selection of Indian Pillow covers by Maple Clothing.


Add a Hint of Royalty

India has witnessed some of the most lavish and luxurious royal lifestyles over the centuries. During its golden period, India was the epitome of culture, architecture and arts. That is why the Indian look is much preferred by those who wish to decorate their homes around an ethnic theme.


The best way to do it is to merge the ethnic element with the modern one. This can be done beautifully through Indian home décor items such as pillow covers.


From block printed pillow covers from Rajasthan region to Mughal inspired embroidered ones, Maple Clothing boasts an exclusive collection of Indian Pillow Covers.


Block Printed Pillow Covers

Block printing technique has been used in India since as long as 3000 BC. It requires plenty of hard work and skills. It can take years to master this skill. For many artisans in India, it has been a long run family profession. Maple Clothing presents a selection of block printed Indian pillow covers created by such master artisans.  That is why you will be able to see the quality not only in the fabric but also the print.


Embroidered Indian Pillow Covers

Embroidery is very popular in India. However, its use is not just limited to Indian clothing. Embroidery is generously used in home décor as well. Hand embroidered pillow covers by Maple Clothing are best examples. We bring to you the finest quality pillow covers with very delicate and elegant hand embroidery work. You will find, in our gallery, a large variety of pillow covers showcasing various styles of embroidery.


Colors and Combination

Available in a wide array of bright colors, Maple Clothing's pillow covers will add a spark of life in your home. We ensure that theses colors are long lasting and fade free. You can further enhance the appeal of the room by using matching Indian décor such Indian wall hangings and sculptures. For bedrooms, you can use Indian beddings in contrasting colors; and you will be amazed at the difference it can make.


Why Maple Clothing ?

Because at Maple Clothing we offer the best quality in the best price. Our rates are highly competitive and we guarantee the quality of each and every product. Browse through the ever-expanding gallery and add some color to your home with our Indian pillow covers.